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May 7, 2009

Go ahead, think of Buffett.  What comes to mind?

Cash… sage… Cherry Coke?

Ever thought of him,

As a ukulele bloke?


Great as a player, back in the day,

Cooler as a teacher now they say,

Each lower-income girl he helps,

Always listens, sings, and strums her troubles away.


Good lord knows he has $40 bill,

Comes second only to, well, Bill;

Even so, he chose not to buy the ukuleles,

And using a fundraiser instead to fulfill.


Great he only bought seventeen Ukuleles,

‘Cause he could have bought a million,

Everyone should treasure what they are given,

A lot like a country to its civilians.


Go take charge of your own community,

Can’t just hope for shooting stars,

Engage yourself – do it now!

Apprentice from Buffett’s 4-string guitars.



Poem inspired by the Spoken Poetry at UNITY Charity’s kickoff show.

First letters of each sentence inspired by the strings of a ukulele (except the baritone ones).

Sola Caritas – inspired by you, the people that – like Buffett – are doing things to grow philanthropy, not just harvest it.

You've go the whooole world... in your hands...

You've go the whooole world... in your hands...

– D. S. Wen-lliot, Co-Founder


2 Hip

April 16, 2009

Sola Caritas now has an extensive database of over 750 opportunities!  They are all pretty much in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for now, but we are working with partners in Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa to get more areas covered so stay tuned.

I would just like to point out two pretty hip opportunities that I came across.

1. UNITY CharityInternship to experience positive hip hop.  I’ve seen Mike the Founder dance and do tricks with his hat – and trust me – you should too.

2. Center for Addiction and Mental HealthDJ (Turntablist).  How many of you have heard of volunteering by being a DJ?

You can sign up for these opportunities right now on Sola Caritas. Soon, we will have our social profile section complete, whereby each opportunity you sign up for will be fed to a public profile for people to see what great work you are doing.

Let us know if you find other cool opportunities on our site!


Oh, he's totally volunteering.

Oh, he's totally volunteering.

– David, Co-Founder