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S to the C is ready!

March 24, 2009

Have you ever slept through the pre-flight announcements on flights?  I have.  I once stayed up all night at the airport watching shows online (’cause I missed the last flight of the night and didn’t want to spend taxi money going home – but that’s another story).  Later, when I got on the plane, I was out like a lightbulb and woke up when we were at the arrival gate.

But maybe, if this guy had been on the flight, I wouldn’t have done that.  A flight attendent at Southwest Airlines (score one for word of mouth marketing) RAPPED the entire pre-flight announcements.  Ya – rap.  You know, when you say things really fast that rhyme and it mesmerizes you so much it’s cool?  Yeah – that!

I think if we all put our lives – whatever it is we do – to a fun beat, things would get done faster, better, and we’d all be happier and more in awe after the fact.  

I hope Sola Caritas can be that rapper in the philanthropy industry.  From our design team to our developers, and from our dream of bein’ social entrepreneurs, let’s shake up what people thought of as boring ol’ givin’, and start helpin’ ’em see that SC’s already livin’.

That’s my attempt at saying – we’re launched for our stage one (volunteering functions) – check us out here!!





– D-dawg, Co-founda