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X-traodinary Feet

April 25, 2009

Communication is key in many things.

For example, today I wanted to execute (what I thought was) a really cool move in soccer.  I was to cut across to the right, and fake a shot.  At which point my teammate would cut across left and since I was supposed to have totally faked out the goal keeper, my teammate would go in for the easy goal.

Long story short, we almost collided.  I jumped to avoid him, landed on the ball, and twisted my ankle.  Oh yes, and I was yelling the aptly named “X-play!” the entire time leading up to the fall.

My highly-stretched point is this.  We all want to do awesome things.  If we can just communicate that properly, magic can happen.  Sola Caritas’s profile page can help people effectively communicate their philanthropic awesomeness to potential employers, schools, and colleagues alike.  

Confucius once said “He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.”  We’re so happy to see so many people who have created profiles in one short week.  Not only that, we have been greatly inspired by the good they have selflessly done for others!

Keep striving to do and secure good things for your community and for yourselves.  Keep striving for that super cool play.  Let us do the work in helping you record and share your amazing feats.


Somethin' like that...

Somethin' like that...

– David Beckham, Co-founder