November 12, 2008

Everyone trusts their ruler… right?

For all those who may have seen us at various events, you will be familiar with the rulers that we have been giving out.  Basically, we had 30cm rulers that can break into two pieces via a puzzle-like cut down the middle.  We got people to write positive messages on one side, and on the other side, we printed facts about Canada.  The other half of the ruler was kept by whomever wrote the message.

Today, we dropped them off to be sent to Kakamega, Kenya, via one of our lovely partner charities, CESCAN.  These rulers were intended to be used by students who lacked basic stationary, even if they were lucky enough to attend school.

On a fine evening before today however, I casually glanced at one of those rulers, and noticed something amiss.  I’m not Ironman, but something just didn’t look… accurate.  A quick comparison to another ruler showed that 15cm on an SC ruler actually equates to 14.5cm on a… well… metric ruler.

After the shocks and exclamations of omg‘s, we came up with a brilliant plan to salvage our deceitful rulers.  We hole-punched them and tied a ribbon to each of the 300+ “rulers” that we received.  Voila – bookmarks with a motivating message to boot.

So for those who have received a ruler from us, use it only if you want to grow taller.  Otherwise, find comfort in knowing that 300+ messages of encouragement, laughter, joy, and love have been sent to students in Kenya who are complete strangers, but are yet linked to someone here in Canada – whatever the measured distance between them may be.

– David, Co-founder

Trick or Eat

November 2, 2008

There’s probably only one day of the year when you’d see the Joker, a bunny, and a walking iPod taking the Subway together.  Halloween!

Earlier in the evening, we attended U of T’s Trick or Eat event, affiliated with Meal Exchange, a partner charity of ours that looks for student solutions to hunger problems across the country.

Students (who are “too old” to trick or treat, but still want to dress up and reminisce) pushed shopping carts around neighbourhoods asking for non-perishable food items instead of candy.  With 56 other locations doing the same thing, Meal Exchange banked 147,411 meals… and counting!  By my rough calculations, that’s enough to feed me three meals a day for 135 years.  And I eat a lot.

Hopefully famine can be irradicated by the time I start outliving Galápagos Tortoises.  Until then, I’m glad SC continues to support wonderful organizations like Meal Exchange.

– David, Co-Founder

They live up to 150 years old!


SC Cubed

October 21, 2008

Great news!  Today, we got on board another charity – Skills for Change.  They are a well established charity (since 1982) offering learning and training opportunities for immigrants and refugees so that they can participate in the workplace and wider community.

They also share our initials, making them that much cooler.  Ok, technically, there’s the “for” in there, but that’s not capitalized on their website, so we leave it out too :).

Skills for Change is the first charity we have in the Social Service realm and we’re excited to start working with them.

Today is also the first SC (snow-covered) day of autumn (in Toronto at least). 

– David, Co-founder

Toronto - Oct. 21, 2008

Toronto - Oct. 21, 2008

Sharp Promotions

October 19, 2008

“Let me know when it hurts.”

“Alright, it’s ok for now.  In fact, it’s….. OH-KAY!  THAT hurts.”

Of all the conversations I expected to hear at the Children’s Wish Parade yesterday, the above was definitely not one.

See, we are now going to various charity events to promote our website –  Why charity events?  Well, our website helps raise money for them; hence, they love us.  How do we do it?  We get users to watch 30-second videos, after which the advertiser of the video pays a charity on behalf of the user.  Thus – it’s free for the user to raise money for their favourite charities.

The poster that shattered...

The poster that shattered...

Suddenly, as all this happy stuff is happening around us, someone walks by our poster and knocks it off its easel!  We totally decked out our poster, so naturally glass was the transparent cover of choice over plastic.  My natural instinct to protect our beautiful poster led to a disastrous attempt at single-handed catching, and the poster shattered with me still holding onto it.  I looked at my fingers, and there was a trapdoor of skin releasing its liquid red contents.

Talk about getting attention at an event.  I had two paramedics tending to me, lots of shattered glass, and a woman walking by asking if I needed to be amputated (to which I replied “only if you donate”).

Nothing like blood to bond you to the things you love.  I hope you will learn to love Sola Caritas as we do.

– David, Co-founder