Go ahead, think of Buffett.  What comes to mind?

Cash… sage… Cherry Coke?

Ever thought of him,

As a ukulele bloke?


Great as a player, back in the day,

Cooler as a teacher now they say,

Each lower-income girl he helps,

Always listens, sings, and strums her troubles away.


Good lord knows he has $40 bill,

Comes second only to, well, Bill;

Even so, he chose not to buy the ukuleles,

And using a fundraiser instead to fulfill.


Great he only bought seventeen Ukuleles,

‘Cause he could have bought a million,

Everyone should treasure what they are given,

A lot like a country to its civilians.


Go take charge of your own community,

Can’t just hope for shooting stars,

Engage yourself – do it now!

Apprentice from Buffett’s 4-string guitars.



Poem inspired by the Spoken Poetry at UNITY Charity’s kickoff show.

First letters of each sentence inspired by the strings of a ukulele (except the baritone ones).

Sola Caritas – inspired by you, the people that – like Buffett – are doing things to grow philanthropy, not just harvest it.

You've go the whooole world... in your hands...

You've go the whooole world... in your hands...

– D. S. Wen-lliot, Co-Founder


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