Bearly 2009

Helloooo world!  We’re out of hibernation 🙂

We hope you had two great new years (Gregorian and Chinese) and that you are well on your way to not type 2008 accidentally anymore.

Over the holidays, the SC team has been working tirelessly to ramp up new designs on the website, as well as ensuring that everything works the way it’s supposed to.  For example, we now have a Neighbourhood Gossip function; it will feed to you what sorts of good stuff your neighbours on SC are up to and also what they are recommending to you!

A shout out to Motor Vortex and DreamNow for being new partners with Sola Caritas!  MV helps people search for the best prices for second hand cars and DreamNow helps bring brilliant ideas to the world.

We’ll talk again soon, no worries!  This bear is getting to work in a market that bears the same name.  Oh!  And in case you’re curious, that’s actually a good thing for us because we help companies get more bang for their hard-earned-buck-that-nobody-wants-to-spend-without-a-good-reason.

– David, Co-founder

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Polar bears don't really hibernate we know... but this guy's just so cute 😛 And it reflects the weather here in Toronto...


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6 Responses to “Bearly 2009”

  1. Lily Says:

    Awwww! cute bear !!

  2. Bethany Says:

    hi i love polar bears very much i think there very cute and cuddly

  3. jean Says:

    i think polars are scary just like any other bear but this one is adorable

  4. marley Says:

    polar bears are cute even this little thing:)

  5. Baylee. Says:

    polar bears are my favorite animal, and i just want one!

  6. NAOMI Says:


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